Richard Gwilt -- Compositions

Richard Gwilt has composed for friends and family since the age of 14, and while at the University of Birmingham he studied composition with John Joubert. His output to date is primarily for strings and includes two string quartets, duos for violin and cello and for two violins, Reflections for two flutes, violin, French horn and cello, a septet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and string trio, and Four Miniatures for string trio. More recent works tend towards the inclusion of text, and include settings of two Oscar Wilde poems for tenor, wind quintet, string quintet & harp, three early Joyce poems for baritone and string quartet, three Ben Jonson settings for soprano, two violins, cello and harpsichord, and a Fantasy for solo cello plus numerous smaller occasional pieces.

Works performed include the following - and those highlighted have a little button to hear a recording;

Work First performance
Krishulee GG (for two flutes, violin, horn, cello, 1985) Edinburgh, August '85
Septet (1988) Edinburgh, August '88
Lament for Rosie(for string trio, June 1991) Manchester, May '92, (recorded and broadcast by the BBC)
Christmas Gwilt Suite (Dec 1992) Edinburgh, Dec 92
Violin Duet (1991) Abingdon, May '94
A Dream within a Dream
(Setting of Poe for alto and string sextet, October 1992)
Freiburg, June '94
Ganz Lieb (Suite for 7 instruments, June '94) Salzburg, June '94
Gwiltet (flute and string trio), Dec '97 East Woodhay, February '98 (plus CD recording)
Two Oscar Wilde settings The Harlot's House and The New Remorse for tenor, wind quintet, string quintet & harp (commission from the Holst Sinfonietta, Freiburg) , March 1998 Freiburg, April '98
Three Joyce settings At that hour, Rain has fallen, I hear an army for baritone and string quartet (commission from HADCAF), April 2001 Hungerford, July 2001
Kaleidoscope (for two violins) - 2003 Dickenson College, PA, USA, Feb 2003
Kaleidoscope II (for orchestra) - 2004 Freiburg, May 2004
Salve Regina (soprano, two violins and cello) Boppard am Rhein, June 2006
Sextuplet for six violins - 2011 Cologne, May 2011